Fair Stand


Fair Stand is exhibition store of the participant.


Having its name written in gold letters in international fair services industry with its successful efforts all over the world, its fair stand design and professional service understanding in its applications; Mega Mold offers fair services in Turkey to companies from all over the globe.


Designing fair stands attracting customer attention and working in a customer-oriented way, Mega Mold draws attention to the fact that they owe their success to those two principles.

Creating various alternatives for designed fair stands, Mega Mold steps forward with its quality and rigorous service approach without giving a chance to its rivals. You will notice immediately that the most attractive fair stands in the fairground are the ones that belong to Mega Mold.

Hosting companies from all over the world each year, Mega Mold fair stands are successful in drawing dense interest of customers.

Attending fairs nearly everywhere in the world and drawing attention with its fair stands, this giant company puts all efforts for success with its perfectionist and professional staff.

Fair stand dreams beyond expectations will be real thanks to Mega Mold. To realize that the fair stands of your dreams are not only in your dreams, you should see all successful fair stand projects of Mega Mold. The first keys of success are presentation and team and equipment.  With our company that cracked the secret of success long time ago, we are at your service to aid you in fair services and to improve your success.

Recent proliferation of fair stand services in whole world did the groundwork for expansion of this development in Turkey as well. Providing both elegant and qualified services, fair stands gave a more aesthetical look to exhibited products. When it is fair stand Turkey, fair stands in all industries can come to your mind.

Having carried its name to the peak in terms of international fair organization services in the world beginning from its first year, Mega Mold initially exhibited only products from textile industry. With improvements in technology, today, fair stands of all industries can be designed.

Having the main objective of meeting customer expectations in its design projects, Mega Mold achieves successful projects especially in Turkey. You can be sure that when it’s fair stand Turkey, the first name you are going to hear is Mega Mold.

Having already its place on peak today in terms of fair organization services, Mega Mold is carrying on to ride high by giving customer satisfaction a high priority.  You will see that comments made about us from the day we began to work and the day we established our company are in favor of us.

Initially carrying out fair projects for products of only textile industry, our company today design fair stands in all industries and for all kinds of product and doesn’t compromise on quality.

Attending fairs held in various countries every year, our company has the main objective of making people give good comments about us and of prioritizing customer satisfaction. Always shining among its rivals with stands it designed, Mega Gold continues to walk on the path of success with job offers from all over the globe.